Partner- חבילות סלולר, אינטרנט ביתי ומכשירים סלולריים

Workplace and human rights

Partner's mission statement is to lead the Israeli cellular market with innovative technology, service excellence and a different marketing approach, for the benefit of its shareholders, customers and employees.

The company's values are Together, Possible, Professionalism, Integrity and Excellency. These values provide our employees with a challenging and pleasant working place.

Partner fully implements all the applicable labor and working environment related legislations.

Partner’s advanced working environment includes:

  • Varied and wide benefit packages to its employees and their families: health insurance, gifts for birthdays and holydays, welfare activities and social events.
  • A fair, honest and transparent working relationship together with a constant dialog with the employees through annual opinion surveys and a yearly appraisal review.
  • Our employees enjoy a constant training that contributes to their personal and professional development and enables them to progress within and outside the company.
  • Partner encourages employment diversity: our employees reflect all the nationalities and congregations of the Israeli society. In addition we encourage the employment of disabled persons and offer an accessible working environment to all.