Partner- חבילות סלולר, אינטרנט ביתי ומכשירים סלולריים

Community involvement

Initially, Partner attributed great significance to its involvement in the community and focused its activity in the community primarily in the field of technological and communications education, especially in the geographic and social peripheries of the State of Israel, out of a firm belief that technological education is the means for reducing the social gap.

Partner's commitment to the community is expressed in a number of areas:

  • Technological and Communications Education

    In the past, this meant the establishment of computer laboratories, technological summer camps and a partnership in the "Ta'asiyeda" Initiative for Education towards Industry and Technology. Today, this means the establishment
    of community communications centers.
    The Community Communications Center Project in cooperation with the "Perach Tutorial Project" is a flagship project initiated at Partner and began in 2008. Within its framework, Community Communications Centers are constructed in the geographic and social peripheries of the State of Israel that allow for the impartation of technical and communications skills and knowledge, as well as various fun and enjoyable activities that contribute to a
    better quality of life.

  • Partner employees for the sake of the community

    Throughout the years, Partner employees have taken an important part in the company's involvement in the community. Our employees are in fact the heart, the soul and the working hands that aid in the application of the company's strategy by participating in a wide variety of volunteer activities.

  • Partner for the sake of our soldiers

    Within the framework of the 'Adopt a Warrior" project of the Association for the Welfare of Soldiers in Israel,
    Partner has for the past 4 years, adopted the "Azuz" Battalion- the Tank Commanders' Course of the IDF Armored Corp as well as the "Shachar" Battalion of the IDF’s Search and Rescue Division. This adoption includes monetary donations to fund the battalion's special events such a daytrips, sporting events and Outstanding Soldier ceremonies.

  • Allocating advertising space for social objectives on the Partner time mobile web portal at no charge.

  • SMS Campaign

    The company allows use of its SMS platform, for the benefit of collection NPO donations. Dozens of campaigns are conducted throughout the year for non-profits such as the ALS Association, the Israeli Cancer Association,
    Ezer Mizion, LATET and Akim Israel, etc.

  • Partner is a business, and as such operates for the continued existence and development of a dialogue with the community, and believes in real involvement in social activities.
    Partner will continue in this manner and thereby continue to contribute for the development of a better future for us all.