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social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") is a modern business approach combining environmental, social and ethical considerations in a business management framework. The primary issues under the Corporate Social Responsibiliity approach include: involvement in the community, environmental quality, safety and the work environment, ethics and corporate governance.
The primary objective of the CSR policy is to reduce the negative impact a business is liable to cause on its environment, enhance the positive effects and allow for an on-going dialogue with company employees, customers, investors, shareholders and suppliers.
CSR is a critical part of Partner's organizational culture, and the company is proud to be part of the "Ma'ale" Index. "Ma'ale" is an Israeli organization that aids local companies in developing and applying CSR strategies. The Ma'ale Index was created to support the ethical investment based upon social responsibility criteria. In addition to its participation in the index, Partner participates in the organization's leadership forum.

Code of Ethics
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