Partner- חבילות סלולר, אינטרנט ביתי ומכשירים סלולריים

About us

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, Partner is a public company, whose shares are traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and whose ADSs are traded on the NASDAQ’s Global Select Market in the United States. Partner is a leading communications operator in Israel, providing a broad range of communications services (mobile cellular telephony, fixed-line telephony, international telephony, internet services, TV services, transmission, data communications and PRI). Partner provides mobile cellular communications services to some 2.7 million subscribers in Israel, which constitutes a market share of about 26%. Its acquisition of 012 Smile was the realization of one of the components of Partner’s growth strategy for evolving from a cellular provider to a leading communications company in Israel offering a spectrum of advanced communications and media services. Partner’s principal shareholder is S.B. Israel Telecom Ltd., with a stake of approximately 29.4%.
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