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Your GSM phone is welcome in Israel

Partner Communications Company Ltd., provider of the Orange network in Israel, the first GSM cellular network in Israel, welcomes you to our web site.

The Orange network in Israel allows millions of GSM subscribers around the world to enjoy the most advanced cellular communication services during their stay in Israel.

Orange has launched commercial roaming services with more than 360 GSM networks in more than 165 countries and locations worldwide.

Orange has also launched GPRS Roaming with dozens of networks in a large number of countries. Check with your home operator to find out if you can enjoy Internet, WAP and email access over GPRS while roaming on the Orange network.

Before traveling to Israel, check with your GSM provider that roaming service in Israel is available for you. Upon arrival, make sure your GSM cellular phone display reads the local network indication:
Orange IL or 425 01.

Orange Israel provides national coverage, offering accessible and quality cellular communication service throughout the country.


Network services:
Orange Israel offers roaming subscribers a variety of advanced network services as follows: SMS (Short Message Service) - sending and receiving. Data services - sending and receiving. Fax services - sending and receiving. Call Waiting, Call Forward, Call Hold and Incoming Calls Barring.

Emergency services:
Orange Israel offers emergency service calls free of charge (even if you don't have roaming services). For the nearest police station dial 112 or 100 For Emergency medical service (Ambulance) dial 101 For the fire brigade dial 102

Information services for roamers:
Orange Israel offers useful information services for incoming visitors.
For directory assistance in Israel dial 144
For transportation information dial:
*301 - Ben Gurion airport, Arrivals and departures

Roaming Customer Service:
For information and assistance on how to operate your GSM phone in Israel
dial *054 or + 972 3 9054054 , directly to our Roaming Customer Service Center, 24 hours a day.